Our Valuable Clients
  • BHEL ( Bharath Heavy Electricals Limited ) - Trichy
  • Lakshmi Machine works Ltd.
  • Larsen & Toubro
  • Alstom Power Boilers.
  • Tyco Sanmar Ltd.
  • Rieter-Lmw & Suessen Asia
  • Fenner India Limited
  • Rane TRW Steering systems
  • Indian Railways
  • Integral coach factory – Chennai
  • Golden Rock –Trichy
  • Railway Workshop - Kota(Rajasthan)
  • Railway Workshop Amritsar
  • Railway Workshop Ashokapuram(Mysore)
  • Tafe Access Limited
  • Sussen Asia Ltd
  • Universal Radiators Group
  • Malasyian Radiators
  • Perkasa Heavyindo Engineering, Pt, Indonesia
  • Textool Company Ltd
  • Renergy Equipments Ltd
  • Pipelines and Process Equipments
  • Energo Group
  • S.S.CNC Works Limited (VTL)
  • Lakshmi Card Clothing
  • Veejay Lakshmi Engineering Ltd
  • Pricol Limited
  • Standard Pottery Works Ltd
  • Xomox Ltd.
  • + Over 50 Other customers including SSIs

Boiler Manufacturing Machines:

We provide complete Turn Key Solutions for Boiler Making and piping.

Three Major Areas we handle in Boiler Industry are:

  1. Machining
  2. Forming
  3. Welding

Most equipment are already under manufacture or can be immediately Developed / Offered:

Machining Equipment :

Tube End Scrafing Machines- Pneumatic/Electrical/ Cap 90mm:

These machines are used for Edge preparation of welded pipes In-Sutu during manufacture of Panels and Pipelines.
Available up to Diameters of 90mm in Electric and Pneumatic Versions

Cutting Video :

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Tube Insert Scrafing Machines - Pneumatic/Electrical/ Cap 90mm:

Purpose is Identical to End Scarfing Machine. The specialty of this machine is that it can be inserted between cut tubes in panels if there is a gap of 65mm Min.
Available up to diameters of 90mm in Electric and Pneumatic Versions.

Cutting Video :

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CNC Pipe Edge Preparation Machine’s (Four Models)

6 Machines Already Working in BHEL

50-220mm (Plunge Cutting), 6 machines already  working  at BHEL, Tirchy. View
150-600mm (CNC Profiling) (Design Completed-ready for production) View
300-900mm (CNC Profiling) (Design Completed-ready for production) View
400-1200mm (CNC Profiling) (Design Completed – ready for production) View

Winner of Best Innovative Product Award for CNC Pipe Edge Preparation Machine :

Other Machining Equipment for Boilers :

  • CNC Plate Edge Milling Machines-up to 12 Meter (Manufactured and supplied)
  • CNC Vertical Turning Lathes (Supplied and working for 2 years)
  • Header Drilling Machine - CNC/Conventional
  • Automatic Tube Cutting and Edge preparation for tubes with guaranteed production of around 1000ends per shift on average outside diameter of around 38.1,5.3mm thickness.
  • Bifurcate Manufacturing Machine.

Forming Equipments :

100 Tonne Servo Controlled Straightener
100 Tonne Servo Controlled Straightener.
Four Column Deep Drawing Presses
  1. All types of Hydraulic Presses upto 2000 tonnes.view
  2. Straightening Presses for Tie Rods, Turbine Shafts Etc., view
  3. Squeezing and Sizing Equipment for Hair Pin Tube Bends.
  4. Swaging and Upsetting Machines.

Welding Systems:

  1. Orbital Tube Butt Welding Machines.
  2. Panel welding can also be supplied.

These products were not offered till 2009 as we were expecting an overseas Tie up which did not go through, we have started offering these products recently and therefore have a working arrangement with one of the world leaders into welding.
Note : We have a regular working arrangement with one of the world leaders into welding.

Automation :

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A number of these machines have been supplied to BHEL, Trichy.

Radiography and inspection Equipment:

Real Time Radiography: A number of fully automated Systems have been supplied for BHEL for this purpose for tube lengths up to 72 MTR and 90mm Outer Diameter. A number of machines have been supplied, interfaced and integrated to Butt welding station at BHEL Trichy and these handling system and machine can be supplied upto for 200m. Tube handling system for 72m tube,  for RTR station for BHEL is under assembly. Shortly we will be making automatic handling systems for RTR testing stations for 108m length tubes.

Radiography Video :

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