Our Valuable Clients
  • BHEL ( Bharath Heavy Electricals Limited ) - Trichy
  • Lakshmi Machine works Ltd.
  • Larsen & Toubro
  • Alstom Power Boilers.
  • Tyco Sanmar Ltd.
  • Rieter-Lmw & Suessen Asia
  • Fenner India Limited
  • Rane TRW Steering systems
  • Indian Railways
  • Integral coach factory – Chennai
  • Golden Rock –Trichy
  • Railway Workshop - Kota(Rajasthan)
  • Railway Workshop Amritsar
  • Railway Workshop Ashokapuram(Mysore)
  • Tafe Access Limited
  • Sussen Asia Ltd
  • Universal Radiators Group
  • Malasyian Radiators
  • Perkasa Heavyindo Engineering, Pt, Indonesia
  • Textool Company Ltd
  • Renergy Equipments Ltd
  • Pipelines and Process Equipments
  • Energo Group
  • S.S.CNC Works Limited (VTL)
  • Lakshmi Card Clothing
  • Veejay Lakshmi Engineering Ltd
  • Pricol Limited
  • Standard Pottery Works Ltd
  • Xomox Ltd.
  • + Over 50 Other customers including SSIs

Machinery for Railway’s :

  • Bogie load testing machines.
  • Spring Scragging machines.
  • Wheel Turning Lathes.
  • Hydraulic Presses.
  • Straighteners for Chassis bend removing
  • Grinding and Chamfering Machines for springs.
  • CNC vertical turning centers for wheel turning.

Bogie Load Testing Machines :

Bogie load testing machine
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These machines are exclusively manufactured for the Indian railways for testing the under carriages of Bogies.It will record the load V’s Deflection testing and provide a graphical out put which should be within acceptable limits.

During this repeated compression and decompression most defects and cracks that are present will also give way.

A number of these machines have been supplied to the Indian Railways in two capacities, 25Tonnes and 40 Tonnes.

Spring Scragging Machines

Spring Scragging machines
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These machines are exclusively manufactured for the Indian railways for testing the Coil and Leaf springs that are used in the Coaches.
Two reasons why it is tested

  • 1. Induce failure in case of defect.
  • 2. All springs have a setting length, This process is done to bring the spring to the final setting length.

Chassis Straightening Press-200Tonne

Chassis Straightening machines
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Machine in Picture is manufactured specifically for straightening of under chassis of Railway coaches and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally to suit operational convenience.
These are very precise Servo Controlled Hydraulic Systems and the pressing can be precisely increased or decreased in required direction by microns with the machine delivering full tonnage in any position.

100m Straightening Press for axels and shafts :

Hydraulic Presses
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These are high precision Machines to correct the run out in Shafts, Spindles Etc for Lengths up to 12 meters and With tonnage Deliveries up to 200 Tonnes.
These are made in a wide range of tonnages from 10 Tonnes to 200 Tonnes and up to lengths of 12 Meters.
Instrumentation starts from a simple Dial Guage to LDVT’s and Electronic Gadgets with precision levels of up to 1 micron.
The larger modes have powered rotation and linear movement whereas it is manual in the smaller machines.

CNC Vertical Turning Centers for Wheel Turning :

Vertical Turning Center – RAIN (Rugged Accurate Intelligent) series
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We manufacture CNC vertical Turning Centers for wheel turning applications and these machines are supplied with dedicated fixtures and tooling.